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I wouldn’t be able to make it through birth without an epidural, right?

Hypnobabies Childbirth course changed my view on birth. I had no idea how many lies about my body I was believing!! I thought I NEEDED intervention after intervention to make it through my birth. I certainly I wouldn’t be able to birth without an EPIDURAL, right? And I was pretty sure I’d be INDUCED, just how it happened to all of my friends other friends when their babies were born. I was even preparing for the likelihood of a C-SECTION, since it’s a since the rate has DOUBLED since the year 2000, even though I was completely low-risk.... this was my reality.

It’s nuts how my perspective started to shift from one class to the next. I didn’t go into Hypnobabies for the interest in natural birth, I just wanted to do a class to feel a little bit more comfortable about the whole thing. I wanted to be more informed, that’s when we found an in-depth childbirth course. And the more educated I became, the more I realized how messed up our modern-day ideals on pregnancy & giving birth really are.

We’ve conditioned our brains into believe that we CAN’T and therefore we WON’T. And I had no idea. How could I, a nurse of 6 years, college graduate & genuinely intuitively have been so WRONG!

But ladies, after completing Hypnobabies, I realized that I COULD & I WOULD end up having the birth my dreams, calm, confident, unmedicated and WITHOUT fear.

My pregnancy & birth changed me. I no longer accept the popular opinions out there that act like a low-risk birth is a medical emergency because now I know that a low-risk birth is natural, normal, healthy and safe!! I want you to see it for what it is too, an empowering experience of life!!

What can I do to help you see birth in a new light? What perspective do you have? Is it different than mine? Did you have a positive birth experience?

I’d love to hear from you!



Want to read my birth story with Hypnobabies?

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