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6 Simple Gifts for Pregnant Mamas

With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday happening right now, I wanted to put together a little gift guide so you can benefit from all the deals!

Let’s get to spoiling...

Here's 6 simple gifts every pregnant mama would love!

1. The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Donate the "What to Expect" book at your local library and order "The Mama Natural" guide on Amazon STAT. This book is a perfect holiday gift for the modern mama that wants to learn about her growing baby and what to expect in a more holistic, positive and natural way. If you don't follow Mama Natural, you can find her here. She's full of tips, tricks, and details on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting while following a natural approach. Sign up online and she will send you updates straight to your inbox that continues on until your baby is 1 year old!

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

AMAZON: Now $12.99 reg. $21

2. Lush Bath Bombs

Help the mama-to-be in your life relax a little this holiday with a LUSH bath bomb. Nothing beats feeling pampered and this is especially true while pregnant. It's hard work growing a baby so let her indulge in some products from Lush. She will be feeling so lovely afterward, trust me!

3. Prenatal Massage

Massage alleviates the aches and pains that can happen as baby grows. Let mama refuel and refresh with a prenatal massage specifically catered to her growing belly's needs. This was by far one of the best gifts I got all pregnancy, I was drooling on the pillow by the time it was done! You can do a search for a great local masseuse or buy a gift card from Massage Envy.

4. Lululemon Align Leggings

Occasionally you'll find these buttery soft leggings on a Lululemon sale rack, but don't wait for the sale until buying them. I swear these will last a mama throughout her ENTIRE pregnancy. They maintain their shape and have incredible stretch. This is one product I would absolutely pay full price for but you might find some deals today on

5. Pregnancy Journal

This gift is for the mama that wants her pregnancy memories to last forever. As the weeks go by, mama can capture sweet meaningful moments of her pregnancy on the pages of this journal. Save those ultrasound and bump photos, jot down your cravings, and add all the special moments you'll want to tell your baby about when they are finally here.

6. Maternity Robe

I know that personalized L&D gowns are all the rage, but a maternity robe will last long after the day your baby is born. It's nice to get wrapped up in a cozy robe during pregnancy, quick and easy to throw on during labor or when visitors come to see the baby. It's also excellent for breastfeeding!

I hope you take advantage of cyber Monday sales and spoil the pregnant mama in your life! She deserves it so much more than you know. And if you're the mama and you are reading this... feel free to share it with the Santa in your life!

Happy Holidays,

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